Source code repositories

Code and tickets are hosted on GitHub in the OpenFLUID Project. A more comprehensive description of the versionning strategy is available here.


The libraries are similar to those to build OpenFLUID : see OpenFLUID build page section corresponding to your system.

The main OpenFLUID dependencies are:

  • Boost
  • Qt5
  • RapidJSON
  • GDAL
  • GEOS (optional)

To build documentation:

  • LaTeX
  • Doxygen

For usage:

  • gnuplot
  • graphviz

Development environment


  • g++
  • make
  • CMake


The development editor choice is up to you, we list here two examples suitable for development in C++:

And for form/UI design:

  • QtCreator (shipped with Qt)

Analysis tools

  • Valgrind, for analysis of segmentation faults and other memory issues

Continuous integrations services

  • Travis, used for OpenFLUID test and package builds for linux and mac. See .travis.yml configuration file in the OpenFLUID repository.

  • Appveyor, used for OpenFLUID test build for windows. See .appveyor.yml configuration file in the OpenFLUID repository.