FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ may be a good starting point for common questions.

Email and phone

See the OpenFLUID team page of the OpenFLUID main site.

Chat - Slack

An OpenFLUID workspace is available on Slack. Using this workspace, you can chat online with other users and the OpenFLUID team to get help.
Send an email to contact at openfluid-project.org and we will send you back an invite link for the workspace.
Then, you can log into this workspace at https://openfluid.slack.com/



The OpenFLUID mailing-list is available for asking questions about OpenFLUID usages and applications, simulators development, etc...

Chat - IRC channel (Closed)

Due to security/spamming problems with IRC on freenode, the #openfluid channel has been abandoned on November 23rd, 2018.
For any question, feel free to contact the OpenFLUID team.