OpenFLUID-WaresHub is a deployable system to provide online services for capitalization, follow-up and sharing of models.

This system proposes features for each hosted simulator, observer and builder-extension:

  • source code management (git)
  • issue tracker (bugs, √©volutions, review)
  • access rights management
  • associated documentation
  • meta-information: license, contributor(s), contact(s), ...

OpenFLUID-WaresHub is made of a management system of git repositories, webservices and web interface. It can be deployed for various collaborative working purposes : projects, workgroups, research units, company, ...
The OpenFLUID-DevStudio application allows to directly connect to an OpenFLUID-WaresHub repository to facilitate development, follow-up and sharing of simulators, observers, and extensions for OpenFLUID-Builder.

An example of an OpenFLUID-WaresHub instance is the models repository of LISAH research unit, which can be accessed at https://dev.openfluid-project.org/lisah-wareshub/report/
It it presented in the following part.


LISAH-WaresHub is the repository for simulators, observers and builder-extensions designed and developed at LISAH research unit.
In particular, it hosts the MHYDAS and WATSFAR models, the Geo-MHYDAS geomatic tool, and also models coming from reseach works lead at LISAH:

  • Surface hydrology
  • Groundwater hydrology
  • Fate and transfer or organic pollutant (pesticides)
  • Erosive transfer
  • Agronomy
  • ...

LISAH-WaresHub can be accessed at https://dev.openfluid-project.org/lisah-wareshub/report/.
Access to source codes is allowed depending on users access rights.